Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Wi-fi on public transit

According to Wi-Fi to Board the Trinity Railway Express in the Dallas Morning News, wi-fi will be installed on that area's commuter railroad. While it has been successfully tested on Caltrain in California, see "Caltrain Succeeds With High-Speed Internet," wi-fi hasn't yet been rolled out on the Caltrain system for regular service.

The trade publication Metro has a nice article too, "What to Consider Before Equipping Your Transit System with Wi-Fi." According to the article, most people in the field think wi-fi service is best suited for transit choice riders taking long trips, i.e., long rides from the suburbs to the center city.
Omni Commuter Bus Sign, E and North Capitol Streets
OTOH, I think there are plenty of routes in the center city and inner suburbs that provide long rides appropriate for wi-fi and transit-choice riders. E.g., S buses on 16th Street NW, the new rapider bus service on Georgia Avenue, PikeRide and Rex in Arlington and Alexandria, etc.

And of course, the area's commuter railroads.
Wifi on Caltrain
Caltrain image.

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