Thursday, June 28, 2007

A Bit More Transit Fun

This one will require a bit of back story.

A synthpop Electroclash group named Freezepop put out a song a while ago called T DJ. Apparenly inspired by a real person, the T DJ is a person who's a cult hero on the Green line of the Boston T subway system. He's known for visibly mixing music inside his head while on the train... and sometimes he actually brings his music mixing supplies on the train late at night and mixes beats for the passengers on the train, turning the car he's in into a small party.

The song is quite good and if you're interested in hearing it, Freezepop shares it legally under the Music section of their website. (Or you can click this link and it will play in your browser. Or, right click [or command-click, if you're a Mac user] on it and select Save Link[or Target] As... to save it to your computer: Freezepop - T DJ on WMBR.mp3)

That's the first part of this. Here's the second part.

DMLaenker is an offline friend of mine. He's going to school for urban studies and planning to be a city designer. Because of this, transit is one of his interests. (He's got a really cool belt from Urban Outfitters with portions of the London Underground tube system map.)

Anyway, he was inspired by both the T DJ song and the announcements that Metro makes about "if you see something, say something" to make this whimsical fake Metro announcement on his blog about stale old music remixes on the Metro.

“Metro Transit Police would like to remind you that if you see someone drop a mix on Metrobus or Metrorail - be it a dance mix, a party mix, any mix - kindly ask them, 'Is that your mix?' If it's not theirs, or if they have no idea what you're talking about, kindly kill the DJ and contact Metro transit authorities immediately. Keeping Metro fresh is a responsibility for all of us. Thank you very much, and have a good transit.”

He posted this on his LiveJournal as a VoicePost, so if you want to hear his announcement as it would be announced on Metro, go to the entry on his LJ.

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