Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Seniors and Complete Streets

As you may or may not know, as we get older driving becomes more difficult and dangerous. There comes a point where we can't, or shouldn't get behind the wheel of an automobile.

The AARP recently had an article in their bulletin called Street Smart about complete streets. Complete streets are designed to accommodate many modes of transportation: walking, biking, wheelchairs, transit, and oh yes automobiles in a way that is safe for all. This opens transportation options to the young, the old, the disabled, and those who just don't want to deal with single occupancy motorized transportation.

The article uses Kirkland, Washington as an example, and discusses what some other places have done to implement complete streets. It also includes a nice illustration of a complete street and 2 videos by Bob Chauncey, director for policy analysis for the National Center for Bicycling & Walking. One video shows a complete street, the other an incomplete street.


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