Thursday, April 19, 2007

Congestion Survey

(This is a survey by one of my classmates. If you're interested in taking it, send the survey results to Josh Crunkleton.)

Congestion Survey

We’ve all heard the horror stories relating to traffic congestion – people missing once-in-a-lifetime events or an important business meeting to advance their career as a result of a traffic jam. While we all hope to never be involved in any similar scenario, traffic congestion is, without a doubt, a severe problem in many areas.

The following survey aims to acquire public opinion on a variety of traffic-related issues in hopes of addressing traffic congestion woes from a fresh angle – directly from the individuals who experience traffic congestion on a daily basis. The survey should take approximately 10 minutes to complete and asks about your most important daily trip, transit availability and opinions on congestion issues.

Think about a trip you most often take from home, whether it is to work, school, shopping areas or otherwise. With that in mind, please answer the following questions:

What is your most significant recurring destination (i.e. your most important daily trip)?
□ Workplace □ School □ Store/shopping area

□ Other, please describe: _________________________________

What is the approximate distance (in miles) from your household to your most significant recurring destination? ___________
How much would you estimate that a single trip to your most significant recurring destination costs? ___________($/trip)
Please list the 3 most important aspects of this cost estimate:




In general, what is your average time spent (in minutes) traveling on a typical day to or from this destination (whichever is greater)? __________

Estimate the amount of delay (in minutes) that you experience on a typical day due to congestion on this trip: __________

Please continue to think about your most significant daily trip.

If dense traffic congestion were to cause a 30-minute delay on your route, how much would you have to be paid (by transportation agencies, etc.) in order to accept the delay? __________($)

If you could consistently decrease the travel time of your most important daily trip by 25%, how much would you be willing to pay, per trip? __________($)

Leaders in Maryland and Virginia seem to be satisfied with the idea of utilizing congestion pricing (i.e. high-occupancy toll, or HOT, lanes) on newly constructed driving lanes. Conversely, how do you feel about the possibility of accepting tolls in pre-existing lanes, if it potentially means that you could avoid certain congestion levels? Other lanes on the same roadway would remain un-tolled, while the option exists to utilize the congestion-free toll lanes.
□ No interest □ Low interest □ Medium interest □ High interest

The following questions relate to the availability and utilization of public transit services:

Please rate the availability (located within a 10-minute walk or drive from your household) of accessing public transit services to work, school, retail establishments, recreational activities, etc. to and from your area:
□ Not available

□ Available; able to accommodate most/all daily trips with current operating schedule

□ Available; not able to accommodate most daily trips with current operating schedule

How often do you utilize public transit opportunities?
□ Always □ Often □ Rarely □ Never

For the following questions, choose the response that corresponds to your opinion after reading the statement:

I shouldn’t have to pay to drive on public roads.
□ Strongly agree □ Agree □ Neutral □ Disagree □ Strongly disagree

I already contribute to transportation costs through taxes on gasoline and vehicles.
□ Strongly agree □ Agree □ Neutral □ Disagree □ Strongly disagree

The government should try innovative strategies to relieve traffic congestion.
□ Strongly agree □ Agree □ Neutral □ Disagree □ Strongly disagree

Gasoline prices are too high.
□ Strongly agree □ Agree □ Neutral □ Disagree □ Strongly disagree

I change travel routes or modes (forms of travel) to avoid paying tolls.
□ Strongly agree □ Agree □ Neutral □ Disagree □ Strongly disagree

Congestion is a major problem in my area.
□ Strongly agree □ Agree □ Neutral □ Disagree □ Strongly disagree

□ 18 or under □ 18-25 □ 26-35 □ 36-50 □ 50 and above

Location or zip code (for statistical purposes only): _______________

Occupation: _______________________________________
Household income level:
□ Under 50K □ 50-100K □ Over 100K

Number of people in your household: ______ Number over the age of 16: ______
Number of cars in your household: ______
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